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Core values

(Vision): To develop Phenix Optics into a leading domestic and world-class optoelectronic company.

(Mission): To realize the dream of customers in the field of optoelectronics and provide customers with professional and perfect products and services.

(Staff): Employees are all equal, and they only have different division of labor. Each employee must be fully respected. Treating every employee fairly and fairly is our basic principle. Employees who are proactive, courageous, responsible, and value-creating are Phenix Optics’ greatest assets. Respect for knowledge, respect for individuality, hard work, and solidarity are the necessary qualities for our sustainable growth.

(Technology): Widely absorb the latest research achievements in the field of optoelectronics in the world, humbly learn from benchmark companies, combine independent innovation with open cooperation, and develop leading core technology systems, from Phenix manufacturing to Phenix “innovation” and using our superior products Standing in the world optoelectronics industry forest.

(Spirit): Loving the company, loving employees, loving careers and loving life are the source of our cohesiveness. Responsibility, innovation, professionalism and solidarity and cooperation are the essence of our corporate culture. Telling the truth and doing practical things are the rules of our actions.

(Benefits): Customers are the sole reason for the company’s survival and the only source of power for the company’s development. When there is a conflict between the enterprise and the customer, the customer has priority. When there is a conflict between the company and its employees, the company has priority. When an employee conflicts with a shareholder, the employee has priority.

All activities of the company are to create value for customers. Any activity that cannot create value for customers is a waste.

(Culture): We pursue the corporate culture of "customer first, pursuit of excellence, hard work, people-oriented".

Cultural power is also the company’s core competitiveness. Excellent corporate culture of vitality is an important guarantee for the sustainable and healthy development of enterprises.

We firmly believe that the principle of good faith is a matter of heaven. You canundefinedt say it, but you canundefinedt tell lies.

We firmly believe that the greatest corruption in the enterprise is laxity, and we must establish the concept of long-term, arduous struggle and positive energy transmission.

(Social Responsibility): Phenix Optics takes its own responsibility to revitalize the national optical industry, actively fulfills its corporate social responsibilities, and makes unremitting efforts for the prosperity of the country, the rejuvenation of the nation, and the happiness of the family.

(Safety): Safety is heavier than Mount Tai. Strengthen the awareness of safety responsibility prevention and realize the healthy and sustainable development of the company.

(Environment): The company adheres to the coordinated development of economic, social, and ecological benefits. It is qualified as a global citizen, saves resources, reduces emissions, and eliminates pollution.